The cleaning of tanks (including marine vehicles), basin and trap is carried out by MASSTECH ITALIA Srl with the greatest respect for the environment and safety standards.

All MASSTECH ITALIA SRL employees are trained to work in CONFINED ENVIRONMENTS and trained in  preparation of suitable yards and the use of compulsory safety devices. Assisting the customer in its demolition or  inerting as provided by ARPA regulations.

Cleaning is carried out by hand with products and equipment suitable for the type of intervention. Hand cleaning allows for thorough cleaning and therefore possible damage detection to the tank or to the tub.

Masstech Italia S.r.l. in this case, in agreement with the customer, arrange for repair.

The resulting cleaning product is handled directly and disposed of in compliance with the regulations.


In case of cisterns or tanks with sealing problems it is possible to intervene to renovate them up by cleaning and then vetrify the walls.

MASSTECH ITALIA S.r.L. for years he has been working on the renovation of tanks using high strength resins and special resins suitable also for food containers.

The restored tank  can be reused to contain the same product or can be transformed into a water reservoir.

 MASSTECH ITALIA S.r.L. it also deals with the disposal of tanks or basin that are no longer used following its demolition or possible inertia as provided by ARPA regulations.