Basins are controllable semi-filled and whether they contain liquid hydrocarbon products or chemicals.

The control is carried out with the  equipment on the whole tank system. - For the control it is not necessary to carry out cleaning  and it is not necessary to remove any ground water (as required by all the other methods). The data collected are protected from  external manipulations and analyzes and are performed by technicians with specific preparation and competence.

The system consists in monitoring the hydraulic head over time, that is, checking over time if the liquid present comes out and therefore loses weight during the test.

The sensor positioned on the bottom of the tank records every slight change in weight, and at the same time the external sensor records atmospheric pressure variations (weight) in order to recalibrate the sensor at each measurement made so as to make the next processing even more precise.

The sensor also stores temperature variations.

The calculation algorithm also takes into account temperature variations that can influence the expansion of the product.

The insertion of the density of the contained liquid, always in the algorithm, allows to further calibrate the final calculation of the seal.

 The detection time on large tanks can last many hours even days in the case of large surfaces.